Becoming a Delmhorst Distributor

What is the Distributor Program?

The Delmhorst Distributor Program is our proprietary dealer support initiative. Through the program, we provide distributors of Delmhorst moisture testing products with exclusive resources, including:

  • Sales Support

    Members of the Delmhorst Distributor Program gain exclusive promotional materials to help them market their Delmhorst moisture meter products.

  • Customer Service Support

    Delmhorst provides reliable, U.S. based customer support that includes in-field application questions, tutorials, and troubleshooting.

  • Online “How-To” and Informational Guides

    Distributors get easy access to a wide range of educational and informative resources that range from broad “how to use moisture meters” guides to useful moisture measurement tips for specific industries or applications.

Why Join the Delmhorst Distributor Program?

Aside from gaining access to exclusive resources (and the full support of the Delmhorst Instrument Co. team), some reasons to join the Distributor Program include:


Warranty Issue Support

If your customers have an issue with their moisture meters, they’ll look to you for a solution to their issue. As a Delmhorst distributor, you’ll be able to leverage our robust, U.S.-based warranty repair replacement center to make your warranty issues quick and painless to deal with.


Providing Training to New Users

With access to our “How-To” guides, training videos, and other teaching resources, you’ll be able to become an expert on our products and how to use them—which you can use to impress your customers and help them with their issues so they’ll see you as a go-to resource for all their moisture testing needs.


Make Sure Your Inventory Sells

With our sales support, you’ll have an easier time showing the benefits of your Delmhorst moisture meters to your customers so you can move products and earn repeat business.


It’s a Mark of Distinction

Not just any moisture meter seller can become a Delmhorst Distributor Program partner. It’s an exclusive club, filled with dealers who demonstrate just as much commitment to quality service and support as Delmhorst.

Group 101

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Distributor Program Partner?

Are you ready to step up your moisture meter business to the next level? Fill out the form to speak with our team about joining the Delmhorst Distributor Program today*!

*Acceptance to the Delmhorst Distributor Program is not guaranteed by the form submission. Acceptance may depend on a separate assessment conducted by Delmhorst.



Additional Resources

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